Public seminar co-hosted by Internet Society and Professional Information Security Association: “e-Voting Security and Privacy” Back

Date 19 May 2012 (Sat)
Time 2:30 - 5:30pm
Location Y302 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Target Audience PISA Members, ISOC HK Members and other IT security professionals

Program Highlight :

  1. Addressing Security and Privacy concerns of e-Voting
    (a) Experience from Pre-Election (Chester Soong & SC Leung)
    (b) Experience from CE-Poll (Jazz Ma)

  2. Security attacks and responses in e-Voting
    (a) Experience from Pre-Election (Sang Young)
    (b) Experience from CE-Poll (Jazz Ma & Ken Lam)

  3. Panel discussion: Lessons Learnt from the first e-Voting in Hong Kong
    Moderator  :  Charles Mok
    Panelists   :  Chester Soong, SC Leung, Jazz Ma, Sang Young, Ken Lam, Ben Cheng and Robert Chung

Speakers’ presentation file (in PDF format):

  1. PopVote Security & Privacy by Jazz Ma
  2. Voting Date Incident Response by Sang Young
  3. eVoting Security & Privacy in Pan-dem Chief Executive Primary Election by SC Leung