WAPOR Hong Kong Conference "Public Opinion: East Meets West"
世界民意研究學會 香港會議 「民意東西方」


World Association For
Public Opinion Research
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Public Opinion Programme,
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Civic Exchange
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National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)
National Democratic Institute for
International Affairs (NDI)

The WAPOR Regional Seminar in Hong Kong will be a milestone in the development of opinion polling in this part of the world. The general theme "Public Opinion: East Meets West" is a logical follow-up to the September WAPOR Annual Conference in Cannes, the theme of which is "Search for a New World Order - the Role of Public Opinion". Our Hong Kong seminar will focus on the discussion of public opinion and the democratic process, the inter-relationship between opinion polling, media, and civil society, the role of academia in public opinion polling, and selected international issues, like people's perception of the World Trade Organization. Please surf around this website, and register yourself for the conference by filling in the on-line forms or returning the downloaded forms to us, as appropriate and as soon as possible. Hotel rooms are getting tight in Hong Kong. Deadline for early bird registration is 17 September 2005. Please check on our preliminary programme from time to time, because it is still growing as more papers and panels are confirmed. For enquiries, please send an email to us at [email protected]pop.hku.hk.

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